Monday, December 24, 2007

National Ugly Sweater Day

Friday at school (our last day before break) December 21st, was apparently "National Ugly Sweater Day." Although I wasn't particularly interested in throwing on a heavy wool and polyester Santa Claus contraption, many people did. And I have to tell you, Christmas sweaters can look cute! Don't get me wrong, the majority of them were--for lack of a better word--atrocious. But seriously, you can look cute in an ugly sweater sometimes!

I had a cute picture to upload but I'm on my sister's computer and I can't figure things out on here. I'll upload it later. So, the moral of the story is, if you're feeling festive, don't be afraid! Go ahead and wear that Christmas sweater that your grandma bought you last year.

Happy Holidays!

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Eric said...

I never knew of such a day, but I have a few sweaters that would be perfect for this day! I'll spread the word for next year.