Sunday, September 2, 2007

Homecoming Help!

My sophomore homecoming is coming up at the end of September. I know, fantastic. It seems simple, right? Well here's the thing: my mom says that I can only get a new dress if I get a date. I am dateless at the moment, which isn't too good, and getting a date is on the top of the priority list. But also, I need to pick the dress that I will get after I get the date, which will happen because I need a new dress. Got it? So i went looking on because that's where I got my freshman homecoming dress, and I picked out some of my favorites. Comment on the ones you like and dislike, because this is important! And it's not official yet, because for all I know I might end up finding my soulmate dress for $22 at Forever 21.

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Raike said...

Saks Fifth Avenue is my favorite place for buying gorgeous dresses with fashionable accessories!!